Test local network

Understanding your local system and how to fix it can be important. Even with the 24 hour support available at any ISP it can be frustrating. Support can say that everything is fine on their site and you are stuck with your site problems. So debugging and fixing some system problems can be of great help to you.

System layout (topology)

First make sure you understand your system configuration. Most may include one of the following:

a) Modem -> Router (Cable + Wi -Fi) -> PC

b) Modem (Phone + Wi -Fi) -> PC

In the second case the Modem will act as a router and it is important to note that in order to solve the problems related to the router you need to connect to the modem administration interface

Get some details about your ipconfig / everything from cmd.exe installed under Administrative Rights. This command will show you how much relevant information about your site with the default gate number (e.g.

In the case of configuration a) this will be a conversation of your router. And in the case of b) it is a place for the modem.
Verify the connection to the default gateway

Now type these commands in cmd.exe which is removed under rights.


Instead of you should use the default configuration address you found in the previous installment (ipconfig / configuration).

If you see the answers then assume that your computer can detect the modem or router without any problems.

You can also type into your browser to see if this loads the operating system. If so then you have a good connection to your network and you don’t have to check if the cable is bad or if the wi-fi is working.

If the ping does not return any responses then something is wrong between the connection of that particular computer and the router. If you have multiple computers check to see if they all use the same routing IP. If not – then maybe something is wrong with that PC configuration. Also in this case it is worth checking if you have a problem with the PC software of the router hardware and ask for support on it.