Router Problems

There are some common router problems that you may encounter when setting up a route.

1) improper operation of hardware. The Router does not work correctly as a result of one or more network connections not running properly.

2) Software error. The system in the computer or mobile phone does not work properly.

3) Improper settings. The settings are correct on hardware or software.

To correctly diagnose a router problem it is important to know where the bucket is. You can read the instructions to solve your problem.
Carry solid equipment

  • Read the manual to find out which lights are supposed to run normally on the router. Usually there is an electrical light, a WAN connection light and a light for each Ethernet connected to the router. If any of the lights do not work properly guide the troubleshooting from an alley and try to return the alley.
  • If you connect one of the network ports to a computer with a network cable you need to know when the power starts to the router. The light will only go out if the connected computer is connected and flies over.
  • If your device is detected on a network with an IP address starting with 169.254 it is likely that something is wrong with your router as it cannot provide a valid email address to your device.

Important: Before reconfiguring a router make sure to try other fixes since the router clears your settings and brings the router back to a state. Also record the network configuration settings in your router configuration system before reconfiguring it so that you can restore them after the router restarts.
The software is faulty

  • Your settings are correct and set up as described in the manuals but your system is not up to date. You have made sure that your equipment is working properly. If the above two facts are more than just the error of a program with your software or router.
  • Consider if there is a problem with the router or with the computer / mobile device trying to use different tools to connect to a router. If everything else works then there is a problem with your other computer / laptop. If there is a problem with the connection then the router is the cause.
    Invalid settings
  • If you are able to connect to a router operating system using or another IP address assigned to the router but are unable to connect to the network then that is probably not an error. router configuration. If you have two routers and a modem on your system make sure the router can detect your modem and your modem is configured correctly. For modem configuration instructions refer to the manual provided by your network provider and the modem manual.