IPConfig Fields

If you are trying to solve problems with network configuration then ipconfig is one of the tools you should always use.

Let me first tell you how to run:

  • Launch cmd.exe
  • Type ipconfig / all (select / show all connections on your computer).
  • Now look at the result

DHCP is used – if permission is set then this is the IP address of your computer assigned to your computer by the router. If set to No then your computer’s iP number will probably be normal.

Description – a brief description of the relationship (usually its name and a part of it)

IPv6 Address – IP address is the new IPv6 Internet Address. This protocol is used on the Internet since IPv4 expires IP addresses.

IPv4 address – IP address of your computer to the local network. Please note that this address is different from what you would take on “what is my IP” sites even though they know your external IP address – not the internal one.

Subnet mask – this parameter specifies the limit of subnet numbers that your router can give computers to the network to navigate.

Physical address – this is called the MAC address of your computer. It is independent of your PC and is used to physically access your computer online.

Default gateway – IP address of the router you will use to connect to the Internet

DHCP server – the server number that provides activation codes to computers on the network