IP Address Conflicts

You have “The IP address conflicts with another system on the network.” or “The only fixed IP address is used on the network. Please reset to a different IP address or the same message when trying to connect to the network.

Problem description:

When the computer connects to the network it tries to obtain an IP address of its own. If the computer is using IP address allocation (DHCP protocol) then a router will assign a new IP address to it. But if the fixed IP number is specified in the system settings for that computer then an IP address conflict can occur.


Verify if you are using a static IP address

Go to Settings menu -> System and Sharing Office

Click on change Adapter settings

You will see a window with your connections to your computer. Select what you are currently using (Ethernet or Wi-fi). Click the right mouse button to select properties. In a conversation called ” properties” select “Network Type 4 (TCP / IPv4)” in the namespace “This connection is in use by other objects:”.

As a result, you will see a conversation called “Internet Protocol Version 4 (TCP / IPv4) value”. If “Get IP address” is selected then it will not use your shared IP address and try to retrieve the IP address automatically.

If “Use another IP address” is selected then check what is shown in the “IP address” field. The IP address contained in the email address provided to your computer. And if this IP and address conflict on the web you will receive an email address shown above.

Resolve the conflict to make sure the fixed IP addresses are different on the system and not to conflict with each other.
Update the IP address for the computer.

In cmd.exe installed under the terms of the Administrative run after commands.

ipconfig /release

ipconfig /update

This will prompt your computer to request a new IP address from the system.

If any of the above do not work then it is necessary to change the router or modem to see if the problem exists.